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Feeding America

What is the Problem?

Food Insecurity

  • Food insecurity continues to be a crisis among our communities.
  • There is a serious shortage of refrigerated and frozen equipment for safe fresh food storage

Food Banks and Food Pantry Refrigeration Donations

  • Donations of perishable items are on the rise
  • Food Banks and Pantries are not accepting available supply due to the lack of refrigerated and frozen space

Food Bank Thank You LetterThe Solution

National Refrigeration Program

Feeding America has partnered with Custom Innovation to create a turnkey solution for taking donations of retail cooling equipment:

  • Cleaning and packaging the used equipment
  • Handling and transporting the equipment to food banks and pantries
  • Installing the equipment
  • Managing that equipment at food banks and pantries across the U.S.

Who is involved?

Custom Innovation

  • Family-run business with over 30 years experience managing coolers and freezers for packaged foods at retail.

Feeding America

  • The nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization
  • Providing over 3 billion meals per year to 46 million hungry Americans

Donor Partners include:

  • Dannon
  • National Dairy Council
  • KraftHeinz
  • General Mills
Steve and Julie Hoffman

How YOU Can Help

Become a Feeding America Donor Partner

  • As a Feeding America Donor Partner, you will be respectfully requested to donate used refrigeration units.
  • Make the equipment serviceable , Clean, Package and Deliver the equipment to designated Banks and Pantries
  • Transfer equipment ownership to Feeding America locations

How Feeding America Helps

  • Feeding America will offer the donated equipment to it’s Network of Food Banks and Pantries
  • Increase the volume of perishable items donated

How Custom Innovation Helps

  • Custom Innovation will supply a quote and provide support with in-store or refurb center cleanup, packaging for shipment, pick up and delivery to the designated  Food Banks/Pantry, and all associated reporting requirements
  • Custom Innovation will provide ongoing management of donated equipment throughout the Feeding America network for the life of the equipment.