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Hillphoenix Cooler Donation

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Hillphoenix Announces 184 Piece Cooler Donation to Feeding America

Hillphoenix Feeding America Cooler Donation

This is a picture of our Hillphoenix produce case donation at work. The picture was taken at V.E.A.P. Food Shelf ( Volunteers Enlisted to Assist People ) in Bloomington Minnesota.

The photographer saw the cooler full and when he took the photo ½ hour later. This case was ½ empty.

Donated CF Coolers

CF Cooler

Donated HSO Coolers

HSO cooler

Donated HSC Coolers

HSC cooler

Donated OB Coolers

OB cooler

They were originally determined to have faulty coils, so Hillphoenix chose not to deliver them. The coils have since been replaced by Hillphoenix factory technicians.

These are new cases that have never been placed in service.

Electrical requirement

The coolers will require a 120 – 30 amp outlet and 30 amp circuit breaker. No additional wiring necessary.

Type of plug required:

120-30 amp outlet

Hillphoenix provides Coolers to Feeding America

Donation Received by Feeding Minnesota and Feeding Florida

In December the Hillphoenix Specialty Division donated 27 self-service display cases to Feeding America which is the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization. The Feeding America network of food banks serves 46 million people each year. It is of the utmost importance to ensure that the food available to the hungry is filling and healthy as well as safe. Having the necessary refrigeration for critical temperature products to be displayed and offered at food shelves is a challenge for offering healthier fresh food products. Julie Vanhove, a food sourcing manager representing the MN Feeding America food banks, is assisting with the placement of the Hillphoenix donated display cases which are currently going through the process of being distributed at various locations in the Midwest. Julie said,

“These fixtures are a very important piece of our collective strategy to provide more access to fresh produce to our hungry neighbors. 30-40% of the food that is distributed is fresh produce. Making more coolers available to food shelves helps to build capacity to continue to increase that percentage and the balance of healthy food that is available.”

As the Hillphoenix display cases are placed in Food Shelves, we will continue to update on how Hillphoenix is helping to feed America.